One more tooth to gut

Collateral damage from

My battle waged with time

Slack flesh wrinkles 

Across sinew and bone

Hands that shiver 

Like autumn leaves 

Aching marrow 

Swollen feet

And days that fall

From calendars


Old loves

Still in hiding

Deep within me

Like old bones under

The mulberry tree.

Your Right

A simple minimalist

With a silver surfboard to soar

Across the fields of ignorants

Vomiting chaos and cross thoughts

And sickening vitriol 

A solitary headcase that insists

The system is rigged against

Him and only him

When we sit at home hungry

And listen to this nonsense.

Cause if there’s anyone the system

Has never been rigged against

It’s him or anyone able to

Physically purchase the Oval Office 

Like it and the populous were a property

To lean on.

Listen to this.

It isn’t rigged.

This is a corrupt and cavernous

And often obtuse collage of systems

We’ve developed to insure 

Precisely this didn’t happen to

Our democracy.

And sadly, no longer

This strife isn’t over who you vote for

But rather what you’re eager to surrender

And what philosophies 

You’ve chosen to shelf, just to win

Because your state is in such disarray 

Based on the fractured fact 

You’ve devoured.

Remember the late 60’s draft 

Anticipate something like that.

Own him and his thorough corrosion.

Own that this November.

And vote trump 

If your not nasty.

I’m nasty as fuck.