cat thief

I tiptoe into your room, unshoed.

Toes crackling in the absence of light.

The foot of your bed, so far from your body’s end.

I step hard on a sudden chaotic,

And it sends you into irrefutable distress, still asleep.

So I watch you for over an hour and experience your stirring recess.

And I follow your breathing pattern

And feel the temperature rising, .

Moving closer, peering in, thick synthetic carpet cushioning my naked feet.

You stop stirring, and I slip out as swiftly as a stolen thought.

Though still, my scent persists its presence, dense and acrid and malicious.

Thus, I was just in to say hello, to souls and shadows. 

Tomorrow we will get know each other once again, when we will hunt each other.

We will haunt each other till the bitter end.


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