She Is.

my island. Where I was made. What I am become of, there I am one with all of every pulse and heartbeat and every lilac and lizard and lovely little thing, every faerie and fantastic thing, and every nightshade and aroma, and every caw and hum belongs to me as much as I belong to it. But I cannot bear it. For an eternity, oblivious, I just now realized.

I am a god. 

And, my God has abandoned me. And I am alive and love to discover this paradise that’s now so far from me. I long to learn it and be inside of this universe.

I don’t know what made me, but I can’t fathom an existence where it didn’t make you too. You for me. Me for you. Calamity apart.

You, to be a part of me, and me, a part of you. In evolution of this vision, I saw you, and I, meld in marriage of an immaculate verity. And we became a cacophonous light in every wavelength  and every color and crashing beams of  blasting chaos through black cave walls, shimmering glossed with years of silence.

But you’re too young to have me now. Your mind must be harder. More alive.


And she left me, dead asleep. 2015. I was young. Pretty young.

I never thought it was a dream. I was lucid. It was real. Ethereal, but real. You just have to let that sort of stuff go. But stays with you, inside, in that same place. And i just have to go there. 

Or, like what just happened, one night, that “place” came back to me.


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