This kiss

And her scent, was brisk like pine and citrus and wild smoke, molecules at unrest, raging in my sense she was inside me, lifting me deeper into this kiss. Time was all haywire, and her lips were made perfectly.

Our lips parted and caressed each other with shared breath.

“Are you ready to solve the great “riddle of faerie isle!”?” I said

“Let’s get cracking, J.T.”

“Sara. Don’t ever call anyone J.T. It’s an insult to the phonetic sensibilities of the English language.”

“Ok James. When did I deceive you to belive that I was sensible?”


“I’m not a funny girl, James. I was known you. Before you were born. Before you were legend. I was without lines and lineage. Without time’s tendons.

“I’ve seen everything you could be. Watch when you were tragedy. Watched you be your own strategy and calamity. In this world I’ve watched you, every song nice you promised to me your forever.”

“You say that,” I said, ” but you’re still frightened. If you’ve seen every life I have.”

“Every life but this one. You’re valiant, James. And I can protect you until you can protect us all.”

“I need you to want me to trust you.” I said 

The growling toad began its horrible groan. We were an hour into our journey. Suddenly We both felt more alone.

A wooded hum filled my ears like this percussion of branches on branches and on hollow trunks and the hum hit harmonics like hues of tones of colors symbiotic to the feelings I felt.

Do you love me?

I meant to ask


Growling toad gravelly devoured the silence, but she walked on. I, three to five steps behind, into the mouth of a cave.
Growling toad subsided. The storm clouds rose up. There was no going back. Trapped inside by maddened winds like carnivores.

My bones sang.

When she paused 

The hum remained, refrained. The light restrained. 

The weight of my eyelids was too much.


I opened my eyes.

Fucking Peter was still talking. Windy watched peripherally. 



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